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Annual Day Celebration

"Happiness is when you want nothing and you want to give. Where the wanting & desires end and the sharing begins, happiness is exactly there". SSRVM, Anand celebrated its 18th Annual Day on 6th and 7th December 2019 at Town Hall. The theme of the program was Happiness under the title "Jeena Isi Ka Naam hai". The student of Nursery to Class 11th presented mesmerizing cultural events such as dances and mime. All the students of school were the part of this program. The program gave the message that "Happiness is also in the small things & small events, not only in very big things & great achievement". it is with in us but, we try to search it in materialistic things, situations, person & such conditional happiness always makes us unhappy.

Raksha Bandhan Celebration

On an average one tree produces 118 kg of Oxygen gas in one year. Trees are the lungs of our Earth and thus , students of SSRVM Baljagat celebrated " Vrukshabandhan " . They tied Rakhis made up from waste materials and pledged to save the trees from cutting down !
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Guru Purnima Celebration

According to our Indian tradition, Mother is considered as the First Guru of the child and hence , this year 'Matru pooja ' was organized for the pre- primary students on 16th,july in which the student's washed their mother's feet applied chandan and offered flowers.
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Father and Child Drawing Competition

Fathers' unspoken love and care for their children came alive in its most vibrant form through the event - ' Father and child' drawing competition. SSRVM is proud to be associated with parents who are so involved in their children's life and development.
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Janmashtami Celebration

Students of SSRVM, Anand celebrated Janmashtami at school. They witnessed a wonderful display of different incidents of Krishna's life through a Jhaanki prepared by their teachers. The teachers also described these incidents and cited moral and environmental values related to these incidents.

Foundation Day

-School Board toppers felicitation ,Inauguration of Sri Sri Vatika ,Investiture Ceremony : Newly Elected School Council took Oath and were given the badges.



Fire Safety Demonstration

Fire Safety people were invited from municipal corporation to demonstrate and aware the students about the fire safety equipments.


Upper K.G and class 1 students demonstrated their charts and projects in SSRVM ANAND SCHOOL. Parents visited the school where these little children explained them confidently and enthusiastically.