Director’s Message

Campus Director

Mrs. Varsha Kapasi

The year was 1975. I was fresh out from college, having completed my masters in commerce with a gold medal from Vallabh Vidyanagar. If you would ask one then what I said myself doing on 40 years, I would definitely never had said “Being a mentor to 400+ students-being a Campus Director of a world-class school.” Today has been the Campus Director of SSRVM (Anand) for over 15 years. I feel I could not have done anything else.

This role has been the highlight of my life so far-the endless smiles and chatter of students in the corridor are my driving force.

I can never forget our early years of struggle-as we started with few students and a make-shift campus from an old house. One can’t imagine my pride as I enter our new campus, now which has over 15 classrooms, a massive playground and a superb support infrastructure of a library, laboratories and with the smart board facility. The journey was of course, possible because of our Guruji-Sri Sri Ravishankar and I don’t mean his blessings, but I truly think that his guidance in designing the pillars and foundation of the SSRVM trust and its schools was so valuable that our student don’t just strive to become the best doctors, lawyers or businessman but the best human being as well.

We recognize that at 15 years, we are still young and like any 15 years old, our enthusiasm and attitude is our strength.

We have a long way to go to prove ourselves we continuously endeavour to do so. We appreciate the input and support of all our stakeholders-teachers, faculties, students, parents and the trustees. As we continue to grow in the years to come, we invite all members of the society to join hands with us for the noble cause. Please participate with us in bringing new initiatives, ideas, innovations that will not only benefit us personally but tomorrow’s generation as a whole. We look forward to your support for there’s a lot of work to do “And miles to go before I sleep…and miles to go before I sleep.”

As I finish writing this script, I am pleasantly greeted by two pieces of news:
The first batch of Standard 12 students have just received their results and I am proud to announce a 100% pass rate of our FIRST batch.

A 100% pass rate for standard 10 was the icing on this proverbial cake. I heartily thank all those that have made this successful from the bottom of my heart.

Thank You!