CCA Corner

Entire School is divided in 4 groups.

Green army

•Green army will fight against the terrorist of the environment i.e. the various types of the pollutions to create a harmonious environment.

•It will also take care of the smallest of the things like not throwing garbage here and there ,saving water and switch off the electrical appliances when not in use etc.

•Green Army will try to inculcate the habit of regularity ,discipline, punctuality which will be beneficial for our environment.

Green Defender

•To defend means to protect

•All The members of ‘’Green Defenders’’ have the responsibility of protecting the mother Earth from the problems like……

          -Global warming
          -Resource Depletion
          -Carbon footprint

•To Defeat these problems, the Green Defenders will work towards…..awareness of……

          -Energy Conservation
          -Saving water,fuel

Green Rangers

•Green means the colour of life, renewal, nature and energy.

•Rangers means –armed guards.

•Here green rangers perform the duty of protecting wild life,flora and fauna.

•They also work as an environmental human right defender.

Green Stewards

•Green Stewards means a person whose job is to organize a particular event.

•Contribution of the house work in the theme of the year

          -Will cooperate to the alloted work.
          -will try to organize the given work in very systematic manner.
          -Will perform to our level best.